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In the design phase, we determine the requirements the kiosk has to meet. Depending on the use and destination location we present a concept design. Based on a 3-D realistic picture, we create a clear representation of what the kiosk will look like.


When the design is approved, we start to develop the technical and mechanical drawings, meeting all your specifications. Like remote monitoring, SmartCity, touch applications, wrapping, other accessories...


When the final approval has been given for both design and engineering, we start the production of the kiosks.

Untill this moment adjustments can still be made in every aspect of the kiosk.


Every kiosk has been  tested extinctively before leaving the factory. Just to make sure that the entire kiosk functions optimally.

No kiosk leaves the factory without the Techflow 'stamp'.


All kiosks receive the quality-markings they need for the location of installment, such as CE quality-mark.


Since Techflow only manufactures high reliable kiosks, we offer a standard warranty period of 2 years. But we don't hesitate to offer 3, 4 or a 5 year warranty period.

Naturally, we guarantee a spare parts service for a minimum of 5 years.

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