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Bij Techflow ontwerpen en produceren we Digital Signage en digitale kiosken sinds 1999. Originated from an electrical and metalworking company with extensive know-how, we offer high-quality Digital Signage behuizingen.  They come in a large variety of different metal materials, finished compositions and fixings. In combination with the latest computer technology and 3D design, we are able to create a top of the range complete Digital Signage system. Indoor and outdoor, with or without a touch interface, slim and elegant displays with integrated powerful multimedia computers are eye-catching and will definitely attract people's attention.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Producten / Services

Techflow has a range of standard Digital Signage kiosks, in very different designs, for multiple applications. Indoor or outdoor, floor-standing, wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted, soft round lines or sleek angular finish, black, white or colored, portrait or landscape orientated, robust or elegant, large, extra-large or small, etc. Even without standards, our clients can choose from many possibilities. The chance to find that one special unit that exactly fits all requirements, is very likely. Adjustments to highlight a graphic brand or corporate appearance are technical additions that fit all of our kiosks. A company logo can be added to the design, even milled in the housing and provided with light. The unit can be furnished will all kinds of extras like a LED logo, webcam, kinetics sensor, card reader, printer, etc.  

The advantage of a standard Digital Signage from Techflow is the outstanding quality versus very competitive prices. On top of this, a short delivery time is guaranteed.


It is the responsibility of everyone at Techflow to provide only quality products and services to our customers. Techflow's goal is to always meet or exceed our customer's needs, requirements, and expectations. All employees in the factory have at least two years of working experience in the industry and all department heads have at least eight years of experience in their field. Each digital signage kiosk that leaves the factory has been tested for 48 hours.

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